One of our students making music in our specially designed music studio!  Students use this facility in their spare time and as an enrichment option.  We have the help of a professional music technician once a week to build students skills and confidence in using the equipment.  It’s a well used and well loved facility!

Channeling Basketball Heroes


The team travelled to Rawlins Academy to take part in their first ever basketball game. The team was co-captained by Jalle and Kian. Both showed terrific, positive leadership throughout.

Despite the scoring run by the experienced Rawlins’ players the Channeling team were resilient and stayed together as a unit. Isaiah started the game running the point guard/playmaker position and was steady throughout. Reece, Kian and Chris came up with some big rebounds. Jalle and Sean  were threats from the outside, both scoring a few three point shots. Patrick and Jack made some great hustle plays whilst Jake was all over the court making plays and forcing turn overs.

The game even saw a cameo from Kain Bell as he represented Channeling in the second half; adding leadership and an instant impact.

I’m very proud with how the team carried themselves and represented Channeling; working together as a team no matter what was happening.

Coach TinTin


Visual values

We are committed to embedding our values into everything we do in and around school.  To help we have these fab new visual reminders up and around school to help us all live the Channeling way!